The data in this example database is for demonstration uses only and not real results
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One example that will show some flags on the map is:
Select in Sites Medley Landfill, in stations scroll down to and select MW-15SSR and a few stations after (hold the shift key to multi-select).
Click List or Map.

You may also use a saved search:
Select a search from the box at the bottom and the criteria boxes will be automatically populated. Then click List, Map or Chart (if available).

You can modify the saved search, and even save it as a new search.

Feel free to try other combinations. Note that if you don't make any selections, you will retrieve more than 100,000 records, and it may take a while.

Tree View
This option displays the data in a hierarchical view. You can expand the nodes by clicking on the line. Unlike the other output options, the Tree View displays all the data in the database, not just the data you have selected with the filter criteria. This can be handy to quickly find the results of one sample or analysis.
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